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LAE Tottenham Interview & Offers

What is the interview like for LAET? How long before the consultation meetings did you receive an email saying you've been invited to attend the meeting? Also, if my top 8 grades average (1 achieved and 7 predicted) is 8.125, do I have a chance of getting an offer or no?
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Hey there, with those grades you should have a chance (entry requirements is minimum 5 grades at 7 or higher I believe).

The interview itself is less rigid than you might expect, think of it more of a introduction to get to know about you as a student and your aspirations. They're not gonna be strict and assess you formally, so just emphasise your passion for the A level subjects you want to study!

They normally send interview emails around a month in advance (minimum) or so? You'll have ample time to prepare, so don't sweat it.

Best of luck!

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