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GCSEs from 7 to 9

I just got back my December mock results and all of them were around 7s or 8s. I had like 2 9s but they were all barely scraped by 5%ish and I feel like the grade boundaries they gave us were quite lenient so I don’t think they’re realllyyy 9s. How can I improve from 7s to 9s? I only have 3 or so months left and I really want majority 9s :frown: Atm I have so much coursework (art, food tech, media all that) to do, so I won’t start revision till February, and I’m worried there’s not much time. Also, my school hasn’t covered everything yet, we still have 2-3 science topics, half a book and a few poems for english, and a few topics in geography, so I’m a bit worried. I have forgotten all my mock revision tbh, and idk if I should just ditch my coursework because I would rather a 9 in biology than a 9 in art.
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hi, im doing gcse rn and i get A*s, including in my coursework. please dont ditch your coursework - in fact, its arguably more important than the actual exam because a) you have your own time to work on it so u can keep editing and doing drafts until the deadline so u can get top marks, and b) if u do well in your coursework (which literally makes up a portion of your final grade), you can acc save yourself in the exam. the coursework is in ur hands, but u dont know whats gonna come up in the exam and no matter how much you study its unlikely ur guaranteed a 90% of above in the exam (just reality). so if u get lower in the exam because u blank out/the question is phrased weirdly, u know ur top marks coursework will help bring ur grade up. trust me pls focus on it. youll also feel less pressure during exam szn as imagine u thinking "this is all i got i already failed my c/w". anyways yea also for poems for english, use LitCharts and try to understand from there. doesnt matter if ur school hasnt gone thru it yet, when u get any free time just read thru litcharts notes. and for sciences and maths, just do past papers. if u have an ipad great, just have a past paper in handy in goodnotes or smth at all times, and whenever ur free (on bus home, at break time, in homeroom in the morning) u can j do like a couple qs throughout the day. ofc im not saying dont do timed papers as they r v important, but for that u gotta acc like sit down n do it for 2 hrs. but u can do that closer to the gcses, cuz rn we dont have the time to like take 2hrs out of our day, anyway hope this helps 🙂 and 7-9s r acc rlly good already so dont stress out too much. just dont let anything drop below a 7 bcs thats not good (anythng below is a B).

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