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I did bad in my math mock

I did bad in my math mock and most likely could be moved to foundation math but I want to pursue a job in stem and specifically medicine or chemical engineering can I achieve this with foundation math
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You will be able to pursue careers in science, medicine or chemical engineering even if you have basic maths skills. In these fields maths plays an important role, but many aspects can be mastered with minimal maths requirements.
In the medical field, for example, doctors typically use basic maths skills to calculate drug dosages, interpret test results, etc. Chemical engineering may also require simple maths calculations for mixing substances, calculating volumes and the like.
However, it's worth remembering that the exact requirements may vary depending on the specific field and the specific job. You may need to look at the specific skills and knowledge required for your particular area of interest, and decide how much advanced understanding of maths you need.
If you have particular areas of maths that you have difficulty with, you may also want to consider learning and improving those particular skills. It is important to find a balance between maths and other aspects of your education and professional development.

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