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sixth form issue im genuinely scared

i know i did so bad for my maths mock that its lower than entry requirement for leyton sixthform college. They want a 7 , if i get 6 as predicted then i have to do a entrance exam.Now i dont think im getting a 5 at this rate for mocks , dk when im getting my predicted grades for jan mocks and idk what to do. Can i use the feb mock predicted grades for sixthform or no? Does reference letters be affected due to bad predicted grades? And can i apply and enrol on reuslts day for sixthform or just enrol for the Leyton sixthform college ?
The deadline for application close at 30th March, so I think you can use feb mock predicted grades. I am pretty sure you can enrol on results days if your grades are higher
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Hello , thanks for replying .
Is this basically for Leyton sixthform college or other college ?
Also , do you know how I can upload residency evidence for the application because i have no files that consist of residence informations.

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