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Changing order of referencing auto rather than manually

I was wondering if anyone knew of an easier way to reference and cite. I may just be really silly and don't know how to do it on Word or I'm not searching up the correct thing to fix this problem. Referencing the layout I have no problem with but the laborious and painstaking time it takes to make sure references are in order is a nightmare.

1. Order of citations e.g. (1) to the reference list. Quite often I change the order of my writing or add more references, which means I have to change the order of my citations and then renumber my ref list. Is there an automatic way to connect the citation with the reference? and also if a reference gets added say between (1) and (2), (2) will automatically change to (3)?
2. Another issue I sometimes have is when I'm writing long essays or a thesis with about 70-80 references I can quite often add references to the list that become duplicates. This issue is me just being lazy and not wanting to look over my list for duplicates.
3. I tried the word citing and referencing tool but it makes you type the whole reference in different sections, so I can't just copy and paste to add, which also is a lengthy process.

I may just be naive and have been living under a rock for not knowing a simple way to fix it. Let me know any suggestions.
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Are you referencing in footnotes? I don't really know what you mean about the numbers not matching otherwise. I've never heard of a numbered reference list, though I am aware there are some weird and wonderful style conventions.

My referencing in the actual list is always just alphabetical, and if you're using footnotes/endnotes in word, then ti automatically adjusts the numbers before and after when you insert a new one.
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"the laborious and painstaking time it takes to make sure references are in order is a nightmare" - this is so true, and this is why when a student goes to the trouble of doing a perfect or near perfect references list they are already on their way to a decent mark - because attention to detail of something as tedious as this is a good indicator of overall academic quality.

The Vancouver system uses numbers.

If you've got the money, you could invest in Endnote (r similar) which does a lot of the formatting for you.
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