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I am 22 and I have no idea

Hey guys, I would really appreciate any advice here. I am 22 years old and I have completed a BSc Criminology and Forensic Science degree achieving a first and graduating summer 2022, I am struggling to know what to do next, I am currently working a full time job in customer service, after a year in recruitment which I hated.
Every week I seem to have a new idea of what I want to do, this be a graduate detective programme with the police, a chemistry teacher, civil service job, working in operations, a business consultant or I have even recently thought about graduate entry medicine, which my degree would allow me to progress into at some unis.
I am so stuck and feel like I am getting no where because I can’t make up my mind on where to go.
Amongst all this career chaos I also want to travel and see the world and regularly think about moving to Australia as an outdoor lifestyle is something I crave.
When I was younger completing my GCSEs I always wanted to be a doctor, then when I started a level biology I realised I couldn’t do Chemistry & Biology so I dropped biology to focus on my other a levels. At the time I was really upset thinking I could no longer ever be a doctor.
I also considered teaching when younger, but medicine was always my biggest aspiration.
Please help with any advice as I am completely stuck at the moment
Thanks :smile:
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My advice would be to do all of it.

Put in an application for Graduate Medicine. At the same time, sign up for degree holders detective and a teaching programme and apply for a couple of civil service jobs. I would guess that teaching would be the fastest starting point. Go with it and then if you don't like it and you get another offer, ditch whatever you're doing. If it's teaching, the police or the civil service, no one will care if you just quit, and you might get your grad medicine.
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Go travelling and then come back with hopefully, a clear head. You're still only 22! Have fun!
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Original post by Treasure61
Go travelling and then come back with hopefully, a clear head. You're still only 22! Have fun!

Thanks a bunch for the advice! I'm definitely looking forward to hitting the road and gaining some fresh perspectives. Verna Haywood was spot on with that quote! Excited to make the most of being 22 and have some fun along the way.
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If you can afford to, I'd suggest to travel now because it becomes much harder later. In terms of careers what exactly are you looking for in a role? The best solution for this would probably be a rotational graduate scheme, where you will try out different roles in different departments. This would give you somewhat of an idea of what you like/dislike and where to take your career.

I'm approaching my late 20s, and my experience so far in the workforce is that most people don't really know what they want to do and will change jobs each time they grasp something, this will continue until they find the perfect role. I've done around 5 different jobs in different industries for the last 5yrs since I last graduated. Each time, I made sure to understand the different roles that were present in my organisation by speaking to folks and understanding what they do and why their role was necessary.

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