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Why am I so ugly, ywt my parents and relatives aren’t?

Why am I so ugly?
My parents are beautiful. not to mention, somehow a completely different race from me which is weird because I’m not adopted. They are Latino, they definitely look it, and my mom is very dark. I’m white with ugly features, a square face, wrinkles at 22, small, green, ugly hooded eyes with almost no eyelashes, acne, pale skin, fat, and basically just the exact opposite of what anyone would want in a woman. Nobody in my 22 years of living, has anybody had a crush on me. All my friends are beautiful too, my best friend pulls everyone. She had almost all the boys in high school. She was a player too. I would try to be one too if I ever looked nearly as good as her. Or nearly as good as anyone else I know of. I’m probably the ugliest person ever. Nobody even wants to talk to me other than my friends I made a long time ago. I look disgusting. I’m basically a weirdo in everyone’s eyes. I probably look like I haven’t showered I’m days because of my greasy hair. It could just be body dismorphia. But I’m not exactly buying it, considering I haven’t had anyone crushing on me, hold hands with me, hugs me, kiss me, except maybe my parents when I was probably 4. I’m not that smart either. Last grade I got in high school was a D- probably. I haven’t went to college and right now I’m living in an apartment. I’m on debt and I work at an office and a McDonald’s. My parents were incredibly smart. My dad was living by himself at the age of 13. I’m barely coping like this at 22. Looks like I didn’t win the genetic card. But anyway, if anyone knows the reason to this, please type a response. Thank you for your time.
Do you think it would be a good idea to focus on the things you can control that will make the most beneficial impact on your life?

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

What exactly did you eat and drink yesterday, including portion sizes?

If you are overweight or obese, is it because of the auto-pilot eating decisions that you make?
This episode at 37:30 contains the classic line of "So you're wanting me to cut back on the salad" :smile:

Here's an extreme example. It shows what the worlds heaviest woman eats in a day:

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