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I got a brand new crush again and I already like 2 more girls. What should I do?

Few days ago I started attending classes to prepare exams to get into an MBA B School as I am about to complete college. 2 days ago 3 girls who are about 22-24 year olds there initiated convo with me saying me hi and we did shake hand too but sadly i am still really shy near girls so we didn’t talk much. Even though i have crush on 3 of them, i got the most crush on this one of them (lets call her K). She is super pretty and cute. She is also 22 or maybe 23 now and I am also 22 now. I really really wanna talk with her but i am too shy plus she hangs out with other guys too. I tried messaging K on whatsapp 2 days ago as we have a class whatsapp group but I deleted the message thinking she might get angry on me. Today I also came to know from another guy in our class that she had a 7.5 years relationship and had a breakup recently. I am afraid that I am not good looking so she wouldn't like me. I can't stop thinking about her for the past 2-3 days. Should I try messaging her whatsapp again?

I posted here before that I also asked out my childhood friend (lets call her A) when we were in elementary school and now she is 21 turning 22 soon and I am 22 now. I asked her out 2 months ago via Instagram but she isn't that active on Instagram so she took a month to reply to it and she replied yeah ok but again took over a month to reply about a week ago about when we can meet. We decided that we will meet some weekend but idk when exactly yet.

Then there is this girl(Lets call her B)who is 19 now and I posted about her too here that we had been chatting on Instagram since 28th May 2023. We used to be in the same school but didn't know each other in school and now we are in different colleges. Her college is very near to my home too so I can ask her out too but I am scared because I got rejected by 4 girls very recently. We chat about everything and send each other virtual hugs too but she isn't really very flirty with me yet but chatting with her always makes me smile and we are both foodies too so we get along really well and she sounds so cute when she talks about eating. In fact today I felt better after chatting with B as I was worried whether I will have any chance with this new crush K or not. So what do you feel?
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Don't do anything. Let's not forget you 'loved A and wanted her to be your girlfriend'. Now you are flitting from crush to crush with no idea of what you really want from a relationship; it comes over as desperate and immature.

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