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Student Accommodation in Leicester for 24/25 academic year - tenancy takeover

The Aspen, Leicester, LE2 0LE
Tenancy Takeover from Sep 2024/25
Start date - 9th September 2024
End date - August 2025
Rent p/w: £210
Room: Premium Ensuite

Located right next to Leicester Railway station, making it convenient for you to access regular modes of transport [trains, coaches, busses, etc]. Also located by the high street with many grocery stores, gyms, and food shops.

This is a luxury student accommodation that has a concierge, a parcel room where all parcels are delivered for safekeeping, breakfast made each morning for residents, events held every month, weekly cleaners to clean kitchens, a gym, bbq area, dining and social room, karaoke room, and gaming room. The accommodation also has an outdoor table tennis ground, accompanies by a bicycle rack where residents can use the bikes to travel around Leicester.

Each ensuite has free washing facilities inside the kitchen for residents to use, and the studios are accompanies by washer-dryers inside rooms which are free of charge - the only accommodation to offer this in Leicester! The premium ensuite room is spacious, giving you lots of room to move around.

Only a 7 minute walk to University of Leicester, and a 20 minute walk to De Montfront University, making it convenient for you to get to university.

If you'd like more information, please let me know! Must be a full-time student

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