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How to pay tuition fees and what support is available

One of the major changes for many of us at Uni is independence. Whether you have moved out or not, the chances are you’re taking control of your finances and with that comes tuition fees!

For UK students, tuition loans from the government student finance programme are paid straight to the University and repayment isn’t required until after you graduate. This depends on how much you earn and what plan your’e on (for those of you who started last September you’ll be on a different plan so make sure to check for details)!

For international students this is a little bit different as your tuition fees will either have to be self funded (Kingston University does offer an instalment plan) or you can be funded by a sponsor. Payment can be taken via global pay, the payment portal if you have a UK issued card and if you have a sponsor then make sure to provide the needed information via the Osis website if you are a Kingston student.

Self funding or repaying tuition can seem super daunting but don’t worry there is tonnes of support and information to help you out! There are a couple of places you can look including:
-The Kingston University website
-The UCAS website
-The finance team at Kingston
-Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 333
Email: [email protected]

If anyone has any advice feel free to share in the comments below!

-Yasmin (Kingston rep)
(edited 4 months ago)

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