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i need advice asap!!

I'm in year 10 and i had careers day today and i am soon going into work experience in July. i have decided i wanna study law, art and fashion and i really want to start studying these topics so where do i start and is there any tips and topics i should look into and helpful resources and where should i take work experience
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It's great to see that you are considering a career in law so early. There are a couple of law firms that offer work experience to pre-university students such as Slaughter and May, Ashurst, and also others (I just listed those two off the top of my head). I'm not entirely sure what the application process for these programmes is but what I could advise is to research the firms before you apply and make a list of reasons why you would like to work at the specific firm.

If you are looking for resources to research law firms, I remember that Commercial Law Academy had a course on law firm profiles and research, which included a number of law firm profiles. It might be worth checking to explore the different types of law firm that are out there.

tysmmmm! this was really helpful :smile:

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