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Please please help- english lit

i have my english literature aqa paper 2 exam tomorrow: an inspector calls and power and conflict poetry
i haven’t done any revision at all, my school is **** so i know barely anything and im predicted a 9.
im really good at writing essays, that’s not the issue. the problem is idk any of the content
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Maybe try Mr Salles Teaches English on Youtube
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Like the previous person has said, Mr Salles is great for last minute English Lit GCSE revision (I used his videos right before mine and it was very useful):

Sparknotes also has good summary points for Inspector Calls. Make sure to note down key themes for each of your English Lit readings and important quotes (quotes that can overlap with different themes are even better)

Good luck! And remember, there's still time to cover all the content in time for the actual GCSE exams, espeically if you're predicted a 9. Just make sure to do a lot more revision in the lead up to compensate for the lack of teaching at school

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