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GCSE motivation + struggles

Hey everyone!

Sitting my GCSEs in May, currently doing my second set of Year 11 mocks and SO exhausted and in a mindset where i’m like what is the point and i hate everything and everyone.. etc

I’m actually a really motivated and determined person. I have 100% attendance, never had a detention in my life that kind of thing but it’s killing me and i’m not sure how im gonna survive tbh.

Lots of love x
Hello there, that is a very relatable experience you have there, and the fact you feel this means that you have clearly been working very hard and studying well for your mocks, so well done!
As a current Y12 I would recommend:
Take a good break in the upcoming half term - it sounds like you need it! Try and forget about revision for a week and do things that you enjoy, allowing you to recharge before that last push for exams.
Right now for these mocks, remember that they aren't your final exams and that you are not the finished product, so don't put too much pressure on yourself to succeed. Try and persevere through the last few exams that you have, but if you don't achieve the grades you are hoping, it's completely fine - you have enough time to finetune your performance ready for May, and it seems like you are dedicated enough to work hard at it,
Every time I felt demotivated and not bothered with study, I always considered opening the envelope on results day, and seeing that I achieved the grades I wanted, imagining how proud I would be, how all of my work would have came good at the end, how happy my family would be. Then I envisioned opening my envelope and seeing lower grades than I wanted, and thinking about how rubbish I would feel. I would therefore try to do everything in my power to make the first vision a reality and to avoid the second one, if you get what I mean, and this mentality helped me to push through my GCSEs.
Also, the summer holidays after GCSEs are honestly incredible. I don't know what you are planning to do, but our family had booked a holiday for the first time in a few years and I was just looking forward to that as an incentive for working hard up to my GCSEs, as well as of course just lying on the sofa and not doing anything. Maybe try and think of some fun things you can do with your friends and family in the summer holidays and take those as things to work towards.
It seems like you are feeling really quite down about things at the moment, so if you feel like you need some more help, I would recommend trying your school's counselling service. They really helped me with my worries, and they will give you some really useful advice on how to deal with this kind of stress. They encounter these kind of problems all of the time, so hopefully they should be able to give you the help you need to make you feel more confident.
Finally, your GCSEs are not a reflection on you as a person, and they are not the be-all and the end-all either! The main thing that GCSEs test is how hard you are willing to work. Take pride in the fact that you work so hard, and try to keep going in the ways I have mentioned, and I am sure you will succeed, I hope this helps!

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