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Dentistry without a-level biology?

(I've already posted this but I'm trying again as no one replied the first time...)
I'm a Y12 student taking Chemistry, Maths, Psychology, and I've always been interested in a career in dentistry. However, whenever I search up a lot of the entry requirements for dentistry at certain universities, I often notice that, although it is not required at some, biology seems to be preferred by many universities. I have a decent set of GCSEs at 9998888775, and am determined that I can carry this success onto my A-levels, however I'm concerned that me not doing biology might get in the way of pursuing dentistry. Is there any way for me to apply to universities strategically, or am I overall going to be viewed as a weak applicant?
Thanks for reading this far! Please help me.
Sorry you've not had any responses about this. :frown: Are you sure you've posted in the right place? :smile: Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there. :redface:
Yes you can, KCL allows any 2 sciences (including maths and pysch so you'll be fine), just check websites for whether you are eligible
Bristol: need chem with one of maths, bio, physics
QMUL: Must include Biology or Chemistry, and a second science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics). so Bio and Maths :smile:
That's three dental schools that don't require Bio - would double check for 2025 entry - this is from 2023 entry... Also Manchester has a foundation year for candidates who don't meet subject choice requirements, but check if you're eligible with your subject choices
Dental schools don't really care about subject choices if you meet the requirements - they care more about UCAT
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I would definetly look into doing biology even as an access simply because it would benefit you within the field, also get some work experience even if youre just shadowing, although you might need your HEP B vaccines :smile:
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Dental schools don't really care about subject choices if you meet the requirements - they care more about UCAT
Tysm for your help! I'm still feeling really unconfident however, I feel like they might be more inclined to pick someone with Bio and chem over me, so I'm thinking of asking my school if I could start doing biology and spend a lot of time catching up - this would be really time-consuming though...

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