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Going back to uni after dropping out

I dropped out of uni after a few months last year studying a stem course as i wasnt enjoying it and was struggling with loneliness and living away from home. I applied last minute this year for a different stem course I think I'll enjoy more and got accepted into a better university which was where i wanted to go last year but i got rejected. Im still not sure wether going back will be a good idea, i dont want to drop out twice, and this is my last chance for student finance as i have used my extra year. This uni is also quite far from where I live like the last one i went to. I could maybe ask to defer but i'm not sure if they'll just take my offer away if they say no. Im just wondering if anyone has any similar stories of dropping out due to the reasons i did and then went on to enjoy uni the second time round and if they could share them that would be great to hear :smile:

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