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acquiring the requirements

Hello. I'm 26 years old from Hungary, living in the UK and looking to get back into education.
My plan is to take on a Physiotherapist Access course. Or anything similar that will get my foot in the door. When I looked into the credits these offer different things. Depending on the uni they ask for certain credits so potentially I would have to choose the science/physio/allied health access course because the physio course require a lot of science credits.

Did anyone use DistanceLearningCentre or at the least similar access course and then went on to Birmingham Uni? Anything you learnt in hindsight that you would have done differently?

I have looked at several different Access course providers, so far what I like is the one mentioned above.
Can anyone tell me if I choose that route, will I still need 7 GCSE as stated on the Birmingham uni website? or will I only need the access course and 2 GCSE ? as you scroll down and find the access course's ( optional route ) description.

Can anyone recommend a better access course providers that the uni would consider more, I mean if there are one ?

Put it concisely, Access course + I'm considering to use ECCTIS for statement of comparability when it comes to the GCSE expectations. Math I'm not so worried as apparently my math certificates from primary is apparently comparable to the English GCSE 4/c level. I have reason and hope to believe from secondary what I have acquired in math will reach grade 6/b. And with English we will see.

Thanks in advance guys.

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