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Official: St George's, University of London A100 Offer Holders 2024 Entry

Welcome to the St George's A100 2024 Offer Holders' thread.

SGUL A100 2024 thread:

For general information click:

General TSR rules:
(1) Please don't ask for, advertise or mention group chats.
(2) Please don't ask for or post interview questions.
(3) Please don't offer to buy and sell items.

Good luck!
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Thanks Reuben , any offer holders here
Original post by Ravster75
Thanks Reuben , any offer holders here
yep! is anyone going to the offer holder days?
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Yes on 27th March
Original post by Ravster75
Yes on 27th March
Anyone booking accom?
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Would avoid SGUL they are actively trying to put training of PAs over medical students. And giving shifts to PAs instead of doctors 25E6DE93-836E-439C-A17C-6D4F6B6AF18C.jpg.jpeg
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Has anyone had any luck submitting an overseas criminal record check? I emailed a couple of weeks ago asking the price of the check as you need to submit a receipt w your request, but I have not heard anything back. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of on the SGUL and First Advantage websites

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