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Oxford application

I’m applying to Oxford next year for law
I have 99999998754 (5&4 is in art & drama)
I’m currently on track for 3A* and A* in epq I also have extenuating circumstances.
I have done virtual legal work experience and work experience in person at a law firm and also in accounting & finance . I have worked as a payroll administrator in a family business and also worked temporarily in a law firm. I’m about to get a part time job also in retail. I have done a couple extra - curricular activities and also done essay competitions & law courses for sixth form students.
Other than the LNAT what else could enhance my application
I know from my time visiting Oxford they love Super Curricular activities. Reading any books related to law, law journals of any sort. Showing a vested interest outside of pure academia shows great enthusiasm for the course.

Organised team sports- demonstrating a balance of life.

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