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I want to become a biomedical scientist in the UK, I've realised that all the Russell group uni's do not offer an IBMS accredited biomedical science degree. Out of the universities that offer an IBMS accredited biomedical science degree, which one is the best one, feels like a Russell and group and is in a great city with a great nightlife?
What do you mean by 'feels like a Russell Group'?
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Original post by HealthcareSci
What do you mean by 'feels like a Russell Group'?
In terms of: has a good name for itself/reputation, high quality teaching, good facilities, external opportunities and can allow me to gain connections.
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Queen's University Belfast is in the Russell Group and apparently offers the IBMS you are looking for.
In no particular order of all in UK with IBMS for this subject that are high ranking enough in general as universities to be Russell Group-like (I've put their age in brackets because a university that only dates to the 1960s can feel very different to one that doesn't):

Queen's University Belfast (founded 1845) . This one is a member of the Russell Group. 14th best for Biomedical Sciences according to The Complete University Guide). 77% entry standards for this subject. 89% research quality for this subject, which is the best research quality of these 6 universities. 76% graduate prospects on track. They say you can work for a year in the University of Nevada, USA, if you want. Nightlife: Looks a bit raucous. Probably like Liverpool.

University of Essex (founded 1964). 57th best for Biomedical Sciences. 58% entry standards. 77% research quality. 88% graduate prospects on track. They say they are the top university in the country for providing NHS placements. A term or a year can be spent abroad at a partner university. The whole of the third year can be spent on placement with an employer. If you complete a placement year, you only pay 20% of the normal tuition fee for that year. Nightlife: Southend on sea appears to be a relatively 'cheap and cheerful' seaside destination so I wouldn't expect much fancy or refined.

University of Strathclyde (founded 1796). 18th best for Biomedical Sciences. 100% (yes - tied with Glasgow) entry standards. Stats likely biased in Scottish universities' favours if Scottish Highers taken by 17 year olds are regarded on a par with A-Levels taken by 18 year olds. However that entry standard is still quite far ahead of the other universities. 83% research quality. 92% of graduates agree their current activity matches that subject, the highest of these 6 universities. They say you can study abroad. They say they have a leading centre for research in medicine. Nightlife: Based in Glasgow. Glasgow has some variety to it. It's actually quite posh in bits. Something for everyone.

Lancaster University (founded 1964). 3rd best for Biomedical Sciences, the best of these 6 universities. 76% entry standards. 83% research quality. 90% graduate prospects on track. There is a degree with 'Study Abroad' in the name in which you can study abroad for 1 of 4 years. Nightlife: I don't think Lancaster has a significant nightlife at all so it really rests on how much you like being on a 1960s era campus.

University of Reading (origin 1892, as a University of Oxford extension college. Became its own university in 1926). 33rd best for Biomedical Sciences. 59% entry standards. 81% research quality. 80% graduate prospects on track. Opportunity to study abroad for between 2 weeks and a year in Australia, Hong Kong, or Sweden. They say they have excellent relationships with Astra Zeneca, Glaxo Smithkline, Public Health England and others, where their students have gone on to work. Nightlife: From what I've seen, it's a bit 2000s shopping centre in style. Not short of things but maybe not with much character.

University of Surrey (origin 1891. Founded 1966). 23rd best for Biomedical Sciences. 63% entry standards. 84% research quality. 76% graduate prospects on track. Opportunity to study may be just in the UK or abroad. Same or similar names mentioned as Reading. Nightlife: It's in Guildford, which has a prettyish centre but I think that it might be surrounded by an un-pretty sprawl.
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this is literally what i need help with 😭

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