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Best uni for business management placement year?

Hello everyone, I have been accepted by the University of Bath, University of Nottingham, University of Durham, University of Liverpool and University of Leeds into Business Management with a one year internship.

I've heard that these universities are especially good at networking during your internship year, but I'm not sure if I should make a decision based solely on the connections they make. instead of actually teaching at the university or not. Isn't that also academic nepotism?

I've heard that Bath and Durham are particularly favored by some employers during recruitment years, but is this really important to gaining a place in the most competitive roles? I would also have to consider studying at university, as universities may not be as well-connected as Leeds but have excellent professors, which could be worth more than a year in 'industry '.

Regarding Bath and Durham, I heard it's like a place full of students. Because these are not urban universities, you are socially isolated and I have heard that many students here suffer from depression. When I attended the open days here, I felt very different because of the lack of diversity and there were many people from wealthy backgrounds. I know I shouldn't let these factors affect me, but I don't know if I want to spend the next 3 years of my life like this.

Leeds and Liverpool (I'm going to university day in Nottingham next week) have a really friendly environment which I love, but I feel like I should prioritize education over my like for the city. I know these universities are also academic leaders for business, but I think I should choose a university for research and academic networking purposes, rather than just having a good time at university.

If anyone has any knowledge on these university or business management with placement year, it would really help me with my decision on where to pick. Thank you so much.

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