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Favourite Rapper + Rap Album 🪡

Comment your favourite rapper + Album, give a reason why as well if you want!
Rapper: MF DOOM

Album: TPAB, I have family in the US and to have something to listen to that helps me understand current injustices and issues that befall US society helps me better reflect on our own.

After all my uncle said that the UK is behind the US on trends. Think politics (Trump- Boris), migration (Mexico—Channel crossings)

Also beats slap. Says rude words bit too much though- mum doesn’t like it that much XD
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God I loved MF Doom!

Hard to pick a fave but the one I return most to is probably Chali 2na or Aceyalone, I love that whole Goodlife era. Busdriver is one i really, really love just because he does so much mad, off-the-wall stuff. Myka 9 is another. I've really liked Murs recent stuff. It's hard!

I think my fave ever hip-hop record is probably Quality Control or Jurassic 5 by J5, maybe Fear of a Black Planet. Step in the Arena, possibly. Nas' Illmatic or Untitled. It's too hard :lol:

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