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Seeing as GCSEs are a hot topic on this forum, I think it's important to give the best advice I can regarding exams. And when I say advice, I don't mean stuff like "try your hardest" or "revise everyday," I mean advice that could possibly help lower stress and feelings of disappointment-so here's a list for you:

-DO NOT be pressured by your parents, your siblings or your friends and peers regarding your performance. You need to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve only.
-DO NOT have high expectations. I know many Year 10s and Year 11s want the best mock and GCSE grades so they can get make the progress they want to, but always know you have other avenues of obtaining what you want in most cases.
-DO understand that grades aren't quite as important as teachers make them out to be. They want you to perform at your best so you can have an easier time getting the qualifications you want, but they aren't a be all and end all at all. Working hard whether in school or outside of school is the key to success.
-DO take your time. The rush to revise and the hectic schedule of exams will likely make people worry and panic. Have control of how you feel and about the exams in general.
DO what you want. If you want to do well and achieve, do so with a relaxed mindset. If you don't want the grades you don't need to feel like you have to have them. Life is about choices and what you want to do, exams shouldn't encourage you to think differently-although thinking about how you perform in them relative to your future might sway you, but only if you want that.
-DO NOT compare your grades next to your mates. I know we want to share our grades when results day comes about, and perhaps that's a way to interact positively with your pals, but don't get arrogant and try to make others feel down about their grades-it's just spiteful and unnecessary.
-DO NOT worry, as life is far more meaningful than exams will ever be. Exams are merely a series of tests of your ability, and should not be seen as a right of passage.
-DO get what you want from exams-they're all about you.

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