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Law question involving a positive act and an omission

I am writing an essay for a law related issue, I am not a law student but am taking one module in law. The question has the D committing a positive act that kills the victim, so I am arguing he is liable for unlawful act MS as he may not satisfy the MR for murder. However he also does not call an ambulance and flees the scene and I am having trouble finding if this is an omission or not. I cant find out if calling an ambulance is a failure to act in the law and especially if the D is the reason the V needs an ambulance in the first place. Would this satisfy the MR for murder or is an omission irrelevant if the D has already committed a positive act? Or would an omission make him liable for another offence? The D is also the V's bf so does this relationship affect the omission? Any possible cases relating to this would also be very helpful :smile:

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