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Regarding a level law

Hey anyone there, please suggest me a good a level law preparation website
This might sound a bit counterintuitive, but I honestly wouldn't bother with preparation for A Level Law.

Your teacher will likely give you different cases than those cited on any website and you'd hardly find yourself using these websites in the height of your course. Rather, you'd be taught the law and the relevant cases a lot of the time you won't even be taught what happened in the case; rather, you'll just learn that when you make that point, you just need to shove the case name next to it in brackets.

If you do AQA, these will be the topics you learn:
Paper 1: Criminal Law
- Intervening Acts
- Transferred Malice
- The Coincidence Rule
- Strict Liability
- Omissions
- Assault
- Battery
- Actual Bodily Harm
- Grievous Bodily Harm (s.18 and s.20)
- Murder
- Unlawful Act Manslaughter
- Gross Negligence Manslaughter
- Theft
- Robbery
- Attempted Crimes
- Loss of Control
- Diminished Responsibility
- Insanity
- Automatism
- Self-Defence
- Duress (Threats and Force)
- Voluntary Intoxication
- Involuntary Intoxication

Paper 2: Tort Law
- Negligence
- Psychiatric Injury (Primary and Secondary Victims)
- Negligent Misstatement
- Occupiers' Liability (Lawful Visitors and Trespassers)
- Nuisance
- Rylands v Fletcher
- Vicarious Liability
- Defences in Tort
- Remedies in Tort

Paper 3A: Contract Law (You may study human rights law instead)
- Elements of a Contract
- Consumer Rights (Goods and Services)
- Frustration

It might be worth just having a look at some that pique your interest. You'll find lots of flashcards on Quizlet for these topics, specifically for A Level Law. :smile:

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