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I really need help.
I am conflicted between doing a Computer Science/ Electrical engineering degree, simply because I am not sure which is easier to get into without Further Maths.

For context, my school offers it, but they require a 9 to do FM A-level. Having got an 8, I was unable to do it.

I now am doing Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Is it still possible for me to get into a good university, like UCL/ Kings/ Imperial, without doing Computer Science or Further Maths a-level.

I am not worried for the grade requirements, only the subject requirements.

Thanks in advance.
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Consider Warwick for Computer Systems Engineering -- sort of a mix of CS and EE and you can get in with just single maths;
I got in with Maths+CS+Chem+Bio but I really wish I'd done physics and FM ngl, would make life so much easier...
Entry is A*AA (MEng) or AAA (BEng) iirc

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