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What roles do pharmacists take in industry?

I'm researching Pharmacy as a career and I'm slightly confused about what roles Pharmacists take in industry. I thought they would be more involved in the production of new drugs and vaccines, but all I've seen is that Pharmacists work more in the regulation of drugs and not the creation. Also, I went to a University talk and they said very few people who do an MPharm degree go into research as this requires a Phd and it's not the traditional route after an MPharm degree. Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.

Hi Anna,

When you say industry do you mean pharmaceuticals, biotech etc.? If so, while I'm not from a pharmacy background myself, I do have experience both working in industry (predominately commercial roles) and also coaching/supporting individuals looking to get into the industry. The opportunities for pharmacists can be very broad and we see graduates go down many routes. A helpful link to look at might be this page on the ABPI website that highlights some of the opportunities available (

Unfortunately, I don't have much insight regarding how many pharmacists do go into research, but we do see a high number of research candidates having PhDs.

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