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I'm a Senior Cardiac Physiologist Considering Completing The STP In Cardiac Science

Is this worth it?
I've been a Cardiac Physiologist for almost 4 years and have recently been promoted to a band 6. However , I'm not getting the training in devices which I was promised from the day I started working as a band 5. I'd love to gain a Master's degree because I love learning and academia. Would it be worth it, if I graduated from the PTP course in 2019?
You can speak to your chief about the department applying for an in-service STP post - so only those in your department can apply.

But that wouldn't start until September 2025. If you're a PTP graduate and currently working as a senior physiologist you should be able to put together a very good application.

As you're looking for a Masters the STP is a good way of getting it funded and protected time in your role for lectures (although you will need to commit your own time too).
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