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Any tips for interviewing for a children's nurse position?
Thank you!
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Hi there,

While I am not in the paediatric specialty, I am an adult student nurse and this is 'interview-season' for me. One thing that has helped me in my interviews is supporting my answers with past experiences from placements/practice. I noticed that interview questions range across compassion, equity, empathy, accountability, professionalism and so on, and everyone, even you and I, would probably have similar ideas about the definition for these attributes. So by telling your own story of how you have demonstrated these attributes, you give a more interesting and personalised answer. In fact, telling it your way promotes your confidence because you are not struggling to pour out some large definition that you crammed/memorised. For instance, I did my elective placement in paeds and spent only a few shifts in NICU; yet, speaking about that experience among other things, landed me an ICU job offer.

I am very sure you will have a great interview. Remember: They need you, and you deserve this!

Congratulations in advance x
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Not a peeds but just doing my adult interviews too but you got this. They looked at your statement and value you and they just want to see who you are. Be yourself and show your passion.
For most healthcare interviews it’s useful to do some research:

What is the role of a nurse?

Why you are interested in the subject?

What is the structure and content of the course?

Any experience or knowledge you have of the course subject area?

What are the professional standards a nurse should demonstrate?

You can find really good quality information on the NHS careers and get into nursing site, the university pages, and on social media.
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Literally what Dave said, I did the same and got offers on all my choices. Remember to show confidence too and enthuasism

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