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STP Career Advice Needed.

Hi All,

I'm a Biomedical Sciences graduate, who is also working on a part time Masters degree in Data Science and AI. I also have five years of working in NHS labs, as well as another two and a half years experience in private labs

I'm exploring my options in graduate programs, with one of them being the STP. Specifically, I'm interested in either cardiac sciences, or neurophysiology and I want to be able to make the best decision, when applications open in January.

Could someone please share some wisdom and answer my questions?

1. When it comes to cardiac sciences/neurophysiology, do you get to assist in surgeries and procedures?

2. When applying for the STP, how well did you prepare? Did you get a position in the NHS, study during the application process, what did you do to improve your chances of getting in?

3. Do you carry out research and if so what kind of research do you get to carry out?

4. In this field, do you see data science and/or AI having a greater impact in research/practice and would my knowledge gained from my Master's be of use to the Trust/NHS?

5. What sort of salary could I expect from working in either of these disciplines? I've heard contradicting accounts, so I wanted to get a realistic idea as to what the pay bands would be, as I would like to hopefully become a consultant one day.

6. Once becoming a clinical scientist have you considered going elsewhere? If so into what, CROs, private industry, private med, or academic?

Thank you in advance :smile:
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I work in a cardiology department but I've not done the STP (planning to apply this year), hope this helps some of your Qs!


The only procedures along those lines are in the Cath lab - angiograms, PCIs, pacemaker implants etc.


Can't comment as wanting to apply this year.


During the programme I know you do a masters project in the final year which can include research, anything extra would be dependent on the hospital / department / yourself but you'd be unlikely to have the time during the course to take part in any extra research


I can't see how this extra knowledge would hurt your application!


Qualifying cardiac clinical scientists tend to be at a band 6-7 which is currently £35,392 - 43,742


I plan on staying within the NHS but on the NSHCS website it shows all the statistics of previous STP graduates and a number do go in to the private sector

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