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Hi! I've been offered a place at UAL for film practice as well as an offer from AUB for Film Production but I'm not sure which is a better university to attend? I know UAL is better ranked but I've heard mixed reviews and it seems to have low student satisfaction? I'm not sure which is a better option and which will be more beneficial long term, so if anyone has any ideas or has been/knows someone who has been to these schools I would love some advice!

Thank youuuu
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Do you want to live in a big city like London (with all the associated benefits and stress and costs involved)?

If you want big city living then you’re unlikely to thrive in Bournemouth and vice versa.
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Depends on the future what you want for yourself. If you want to work on London going to experience the London life during uni is the best option because it’s the cheapest it’ll ever been in your adult life. Plus London is a great place to make connections nationally and internationally w students, teachers and opportunities to attend events and work w a wide range of companies and brands etc :smile: Ual has a career online webinar you could check out and ask questions

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