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Higher history assignment

How are people learning their assignment for SQA higher history?
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Hi there :smile: I don’t know if this will be much help since I’m currently doing National 5 history - but I’ll try my best with what I did for my assignment.

I would write a ‘perfect’ version of the assignment - where you would explain in detail everything about your chosen issue.

Take your time with this and make sure it matches the marking scheme (there might be a few past paper questions that relate to your issue). I printed mine to annotate and highlight key points but you could also do that on Word I’m sure.

Make use of your resource sheet - it’s there to help you with your most important points!

You could also make a mind map relating to your issue and expand on all the points you want to make in your assignment.

I memorised mine since I’m not good at structuring things on the spot, but if you don’t want to do that, you could practice writing it in timed conditions. I’d recommend at least 1 practice, but if you were to do 2 or more then make sure to use your previous made annotations/notes and mind map to help for the first ones and progress onto full exam conditions on your 2nd/3rd practice.

These are just some stuff I did for my assignment to revise - I’m sure there are other ways people are doing it so make sure to ask your classmates :smile: Good luck!

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