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I am considering taking a history degree as I am interested in history. I had thought about doing this a couple years ago but never took the plunge. I currently work in admin in the NHS and wanted a back up in case things change in the future but also because I am interested in learning.

I have done a few vision2learn courses and the last one was Understanding Autism which did involve alot of time doing course work and planning my time outside of work in order to complete assignments. It was challenging and gave me the spark to want to do my OU degree.

I have done two years of a nursing diploma and this was 10 years ago so was before the funding changes. I only came out with a cert in higher education as they didnt count my second year, I had to leave due to health reasons. I vowed never to go back to uni as it caused alot of stress and also it was difficult managing multiple modules and also doing placements at the same time. I think that is what made it difficult. I have talked to other OU students and some did the nursing programme and moved to history and they said its alot less demanding as you are only doing one module at a time.

Anyways I have had look at the funding and I could get a student loan as I have enquired with them and despite my previous study I still can do this. I am just concerned that it seems like alot of money but I know that its really a graduate tax. I have just noticed that the funding has changed to plan 5 which means that you only start paying once you hit 25k. My current job I dont see my pay going that high up. I am happy where I am but i did want a qualification back up in case things do happen. I have come to realise I am a planner and I need to know alot before making the decision.

I am also concerned about doing assignments as I have done vision2learn courses but they were level 2 work so GCSE level. I have seen some history disertations from the OU and they look like wow I am not sure I could do that.

Is there any other OU history students out there,

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