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How can I get an A in business in under 2 months?

Guys I'm independent and picked up a level business this year but left it last minute. What would be the best way to cover all the content in such a small amount of time? I have the edexcel AS/A level business textbook already. Also when it comes to knowledge marks and writing definitions, how strict is the mark scheme on specific wording? Would I get the mark if I said the same thing but in different words or is there a set definition for everything?
Business is one of the only a levels which lets the examiner decide how worthy most the answers are on the whole, it’s a lot freer. You’ll need lots of chains of analysis for your answers.

e.g. knowledge (1 mark) application (1) analysis (2 marks) and do this however many times depending on the marks of the question. Long questions mean the conclusions are critical.

Buy save my exams, it’s £30 for 3 months, all you’ll need before sitting a levels and it’s incredibly useful. Past exam papers, questions, detailed notes, mark schemes, example answers and content are all on there.
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