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Access to Higher Education Course at 18

My daughter is in Year 13 at school , She has had a tough time in Sixth Form due to severe mental health issues (been under CAHMS Crisis team twice in past year) & missed a lot of school & after discussions with the school is seriously considering leaving & taking a few months break to concentrate on getting better & not sitting A levels.
She would like to go to University in the future (had planned a gap year anyway) & she has been looking at Access to Higher Education Courses as another route to Uni.
Is this a viable option for next year ? It’s not clear if you have to be 19 or if you can start straight after leaving year 13 ?
Either on line ? Or at local college ? (There are a few in our area that offer them )
Would universities look down on a student for starting it straight away ? She is interested in a Business Management degree so would do a Business related access course.
Any help appreciated ?
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No, they wouldn't 'look down' on an Access to HE qualification, BUT :
1) Its not an easy option. Its like trying to cram a 2 year A level course into 9 months and without all the support of school. This may not be ideal for anyone with MH issues, especially an 18 year old.
2) Unis will usually have very precise requirements for each degree course - ie. specific units within a specific Access course, and specific numbers of Distinction grades etc. Your daughter needs to check carefully with each Uni for exactly what they want before she enrols in any Access course.
3) She may find that doing 2 year A levels at college is an easier/better option that will give her more options later,
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Thank You for responding , we are looking into various options at the moment but this is very helpful

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