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Which gcse is easiest???

If you’ve done all 3 or 4 great would be nice sharing your thoughts but if done 2 or 1 wanna know ok so aqa gcse religious studies everybody asked about this subject says very ez 7 which is great like I’ve talked to a person he said best subject if want high grade but also got aqa gcse photography thoughts on that do I need to draw and write on paper a lot or is it just full on computer where just do moodboards and take photos and I don’t need to draw them etc and last one is aqa gcse pe where apparently is 60% biology and 40% practical and also ocr sports studies which think is full practical btw do you know for both will I be assessed in an outdoor activity not done in school because I don’t have that except what do in school tbf???
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Oh, I get where you're coming from! The idea of an "easiest" GCSE is a bit subjective and really depends on what you enjoy and excel at. Generally, people find subjects they're passionate about or have a natural aptitude for easier. For example, if you love stories and have a knack for writing, English might seem like a breeze. On the flip side, if numbers and formulas make sense to you, Maths or Physics could be your "easy" pick.

There's also the consideration of coursework vs exams. Some students prefer courses with more coursework because it spreads out the effort, while others thrive under the pressure of exams.

But, if we're talking stereotypes, some students find subjects like Physical Education or Art to be more straightforward, mainly because they involve practical assessments and might align more with their hobbies.

Remember, though, choosing your GCSEs is a big decision! It's worth considering not just what might be easy but what subjects you enjoy and what might be useful for your future plans. And hey, sometimes challenging yourself can be pretty rewarding too. Good luck with your choices!
Physical education content is easy (good if you like bio) but the sports assessment is actually quite hard as in you wont score highly if you don't already play that sport outside of school. I find PE an easy subject but I know some who just cant get grips to the physical assesment

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