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Leeds or Glasgow

Hi all,

I received an offer from the University of Leeds as well as the University of Glasgow for finance related costs.

I am concerned about the cost-of-living aspects in both cities.

Which one is cheaper, what are the benefits of each city, etc.
Glasgow is the larger city, the largest in Scotland, and has a much more developed art, cafe, social and student scene.

There are 4 Universities in and around the city so there are perhaps at least 80,000 HE students in the city. Its very student friendly as students probably make up a large part of the population here.

Glasgow Uni is in the west end of the city which is very affluent and has loads of cafes, bars etc. It has good public transport links as accommodation in the immediate area is pricier.

As to cost of living between the two, as accommodation is your main cost, you will have to do your own research as to the cost of student halls or private rentals.

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