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english lit jump from gcse to a level

what is the jump like? how big is it? ive heard it is a lot more reading, but i enjoy reading.

how is the jump in terms of writing skill. i currently can get low band 6 in essays at gcse. but feel like i can get mid to high if i include alternate interpretations and stuff (more revision and less skill increase for me to achieve high band 6). also how much faster do u have to be able to think/write.

how much more content compared to gcse per text/ per character or theme? rough percentage would help.

thanks for any input
I personally think it's a very big jump however if you are passionate about the subject like I am you can get through it. In terms of writing it has to be way more detailed and specific tbh and you have to learn how to write fast and efficiently without making any mistakes. There's a lot of content to cover and you will have to do a lot of it independently. I think compared to gcses there's like 70% more content? You have to do poems, plays and I think 2 or 3 texts. I think the content is a lot but the most difficult part is actually developing your writing skills and research skills. Theres way more thinking when it comes to Literature a level.
Writing skills you have to practice a lot tbh. If you're doing AQA there's also gonna be coursework where you will have to compare two texts that you haven't studied. Hope this helps.

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