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Starting university very late, am I screwed?

I'll be most probably 27 by the time I get to university. I don't know if at that point it's even worth going. Things have been going wrong for me for couple of years now , right now I'm 22. And I've migrated to Italy and the teachers here are telling me I have to finish studying their curriculum to get to university, which will take me additional 5 years, I don't know what to do.
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I get you, I had the last 3 years things going wrong back to back but finally having the time to go uni I feel like I’m going late too but know that whatever you want to do to improve yourself isn’t wrong and dw about what age you’re going. Just take the extra time to maybe get work experience so it’s easier when you graduate :smile: But dw there’s a lot of mature students at uni!! I went to my brothers graduate he had people 40-50 graduating w him

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