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Bristol University Accommodation Info (please post all questions here!)

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Note: This thread is now nearly 10 years old, so some of the information on the first posts might be out of date. If you want up to date information on accommodation at the University of Bristol, here's a link to their website
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Putting some FAQs to rest;

There are 5 Catered Halls of Residence at Bristol, and 4 Self Catered.


Catered Residences

Stoke Bishop Halls

The following are located in an area called "Stoke Bishop" which is approximately 40mins walk away from the main campus). This is where the majority of Bristol students live.

Wills Hall

University Wills Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Wills Hall Review

Badock Hall

University Badock Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Badock Hall Review

Churchill Hall

University Churchill Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Churchill Hall Review

Hiatt Baker Hall

University Hiatt Baker Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Hiatt Baker Hall Review

Clifton Halls

There is only one Catered Hall located in the Clifton area. Clifton is about a 10min walk from the main university precinct and is home to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge!

Clifton Hill House

University Clifton Hill House Website
Alternative Prospectus Clifton Hill House Review

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Self Catered Residences

Stoke Bishop Halls

There are two self catered halls in the Stoke Bishop Area.

Durdham Hall

University Durdham Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Durdham Hall Review

University Hall

University Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus University Hall Review

Clifton Halls

There are 2 self-catered halls in the Clifton area.

Goldney Hall

University Goldney Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Goldney Hall Review

Manor Hall

University Manor Hall Website
Alternative Prospectus Manor Hall Review

Student Houses

Due to the lack of spaces not evey student will get into hall. Living in a student house inevitably changes your first year at university, but not necessarily in a bad way. Living in a student house is a much more independent way of life. This infamous realm, 'out of hall' will not ruin your first year. For example, Fry Haldane is a society run specifically for students not living in hall. - Bristol SU

University Student Houses Website
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University of Bristol
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Hope some of the current students could post pictures of their halls (rooms, kitchen, dinning hall etc). It would really be beneficial for us future students esp in choosing our desired halls.. Thanks! :biggrin:
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Hall websites usually have them, if there are some places that you want to see that people don't have photos of.
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I wanna see the rooms, kitchen and toilet in Manor and Winkworth.. Thats all..
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There are fairly accurate pics of Winkworth here (though don't believe the shower curtain). Hope that's helpful? I'm enjoying living here - don't want to leave today!

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oh my god.. winkworth is just lovely!! maybe i would just choose winkworth over manor.. btw, does manor has a link.. in fact does other halls have links??

thanks a lot jennikins84
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they all do. follow the well hidden links from the UBU site.
i have some pics of my durdham room here
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If you want to know what the halls look like from above there are high resolution photos on google earth, just type in BS9 1UB and you go straight to stoke bishop with Durdham in the middle. If that sounds too much effort look at the atached piture
I'll post some Wills ones in a bit... rooms are great!
Ok, Wills. Wonderful place, not completely full of rah's. Churchill is worse for rah's apparently (more eatonians than comprehensive school people in churchil last year!!).

There are some photos of Will's attached. I live in the old section, and have a room that is about 5m x 4m (roughly, as its rectangular), which is awesome!

Their are some newer blocks but I don't live in them so I can't comment really, but they seem alright!

Enjoy the photos... :smile:
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wth, even durdham ppl get better chairs than us at HB -.- the chairs at manor house r great, very good back support n everything, unlike the crap chair at HB, my backache has been continuing for 2 weeks, going on to week 3 now damnit. i asked if they could change the chair but then got a no for the answer. y cant we all just haf same chairs in all the halls sigh. mayb i shud smuggle a chair from a room in manor house XD
here is a pic of my room at Wills; I'm in Old Quad, and the room is roughly 5x5m.
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Wills looks sooo pretttyy :biggrin:
durdhams pretty too :biggrin:
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if you all post plenty of hall pics i'll put them on that sticky thread. is that a fireplace i spy at wills? :eek:
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durdhams pretty too :biggrin:

Your rooms aren't though.

Matt - nice room! I'm liking the mat and the lamps - very smooth.
Your rooms aren't though.

Matt - nice room! I'm liking the mat and the lamps - very smooth.

What's not pretty about the rooms? :confused:

I think my room is very pretty, especially with the fairy lights on. Will be even more so once I've replaced the curtains. Don't know about everyone else, but I quite like the fact that my furniture looks brand new. :p:
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Wow, I like my room but it's rubbish compared to everyone else's on here! It is really small with a sink. That's about it really! I have really made it my own though, it's totally covered in posters and photos, I love it :smile:.