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    ive been accepted at leeds as my insurance and i really wondering what to put down as far as accommodation goes. ive already missed the deadline but hopefully that shouldnt be too much of a problem, right? i would like somewhere near to the uni to save catching a bus, ive caught a bus everyday of my life for about 11 years and really cba getting the bus again. one of the main things is i want to form a band at uni, i know you can do this anywhere but im just wondeirng if there is any accommodation where those type of people goto etc, i know Devonshire Hall and Oxley Residences have music practice rooms which could be a plus. so any help on that front will be greatly appreciated. oh btw i would prefere on-suite but what are ppls opinions on this? is it really nessacery?

    the other thing is, i got my loan stuff through and have worked out that if accommodation is like £100 ish a week i only have like £5 to live on and to buy food a week....WTF is that the same for everyone? i was talking to someone on facebook and they had like £20+ a week to live off staying in the same place.

    any help to get me out of this confusion would be appreciated,
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    The music practice rooms I've seen in halls are just rooms with pianos etc. There's plenty of proper places for bands to jam though, around the city itself. Where you're living doesn't really make any difference in that respect.

    Get an overdraft with your bank. Most of them offer students anything from £1000 upwards and everyone I knew (with the exception of the very rich) had one and used most of it. A part time job would help too though.
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