Benefits of private managed accommodation

This article is about renting a room in a Halls of Residence run by a private company.

  • It is not about renting a flat or room from a private landlord.

Usually offering central locations, varied facilities and a choice of who and how many you live with, private managed Student Halls of Residence accommodation can provide a great alternative to university-owned accommodation. It is often substantially more expensive than renting privately or living in university-owned halls, but is still an option it is still worth a look.

In the same way as university-run halls, private managed accommodation is usually purpose built and designed exclusively for students and they are often situated in prime town or city locations. Home to tens of thousands of students, they offer a wealth of diversity in students from different courses, colleges and countries, granting tenants exposure to a much wider variety of people and experiences.

As the number of university students increased over the last two decades, and universities themselves encountered mass difficulties providing accommodation for their expanding student base, a sector of private managed accommodation emerged to address a growing market.

Despite the high rents, private managed Halls accommodation normally offers a similar package to Uni run Halls, including all utility bills, internet access and laundry facilities. Usually rooms are ensuite and each flat houses a kitchen and common room. Many residences can even be found with gyms, and like uni run Halls leases can be extended past university teaching terms so that packing and unpacking don’t have to be termly events.

The downsides of living in a privately run Halls of Residence are :

"There is no warden on-site so whenever anything kicks off or if there is an issue with noise at 1am, there is no one here who can sort it out."

"They are only interested in making a profit, So anything that is broken doesn't get fixed until next September."

"Its in an area full of city-centre office blocks; at night it can be really creepy walking home."

"Most of the students on my floor are Chinese. They don't talk to anyone else."

"The walls are really thin, the rooms are small and the furniture is really cheap."

"It's right by a busy junction in the centre of town. In the summer, I can't have my window open because of the street noise and traffic fumes."

"There were no Freshers Week activities like there were at the Uni owned Halls."

"I've been here 3 weeks and I haven't met anyone who actually goes to my college.""

"I've decided I want to to move out to live with my boyfriend but I can't get out of the contract here and they won't give my deposit back."

"The University Accommodation Office won't help with any problems as they say it's got nothing to do with them."

"How many rice cookers does one kitchen actually need?"