Join the Summer Bucket List Challenge- WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Welcome to the Summer Bucket List Challenge!

The winners have now been announced!!!

Due to the outstanding quality of the blogs we have also added an additional runner up! 1st place goes to... 

Bucket list
bucket list winner

Runners up (in no particular order)

S-Wang Picture~Perfect elen90 yelllowribbon BKS XcitingStuart 

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Bucket List event! 
The name of the game is to tackle the boredom of the summer break by getting out and about to see, do and achieve things that you have dreamed of doing but never gotten around to.

To enter the Challenge simply create a thread in the Summer Beach Hut forum with the title including your username and Summer Bucket List. Post the link to your bucket list thread in the 
Official Entry Thread here. 



Some ideas could be...

  • Visit an open air cinema and watch a film in the sunshine
  • Give geocaching a try - it's fun, local and best of all, free!
  • Grow something - whether this is chilli plants or herbs
  • Master a new hobby- this could be yoga, tennis, running...
  • Visit a place you have never been to before
  • Write a short story
  • Ride a bike cross country
  • Take a lesson in archery
  • Have a horse riding lesson
  • Experiment with a new cuisine
  • Dabble in a cookery lesson
  • Take part in volunteer work
  • Complete a drawing or painting
  • Swim in the sea
  • Save a target amount of money
  • Have a picnic in Hyde Park
  • Visit a castle
  • Host a BBQ on the beach

TO ENTER: Simply create a thread in the Summer Beach Hut forum with the title including your username and Summer Bucket List, i.e. 'Queen Cersei's Summer Bucket List!' 

Post the link to your bucket list thread in the Official Entry Thread here​You can also use this thread for questions! 

TAKING PART: The threads will be used to document your progress and you can use these 'blogs' to describe your experiences, share your progress with the community and post photos up of the awesome things you have seen! 

You will need to post up your bucket list as the OP- the list should have at least 10 items to be spread across the Challenge, though more is better! These can range from something small such as growing some herbs to something big like swimming with dolphins.

PRIZES: Lava have supplied some awesome prizes for the Challenge- the top prize is £500 plus a Lava Brightsounds Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Ambient LED Light!!! The 5 runners up will also receive a snazzy Lava Brightsounds speaker! 

At the end of the Challenge, the blogs will be reviewed and the best one will win the top prize and have their blog published as an article for the TSR newsletter! Entrants will be judged on the quality of their bucket blog posts (we welcome photos, videos, anecdotes etc!) and on having completed all the items on their bucket list. 

Winners of the Lava Brightsounds Speaker will be asked to submit a review of the product for an additional blog post. 

DATES: The Summer Bucket List Challenge will kick off on Wednesday July 1st with 10 days for entry closing on Friday 10th July (creation of thread, formation of bucket list). The Challenge will then run for 7 weeks over summer until Friday 28th August when the competition will close and final blog posts must be made. 

The winner will be announced by the CT early September! 

To join the Challenge now, start a thread in the Summer Beach Hut forum here and then post your official entry in the discussion thread here.