To eat meat or not to eat meat? What do TSR users think?

Food is amazing! But how hard do we consider what we are consuming and the effects of the way we eat? This week Sir Paul McCartney released a rap to encourage others to participate in ‘Meat Free Mondays’, which made me think that the boundaries between types of eaters are now no longer so clear cut as 'meat-eater' or 'vegetarian/vegan'. Where do part-time vegetarians or ‘accidental’ vegetarians fall into the mix? With so many options available now in supermarkets, how many people opt out of eating meat?

This is why we asked you in the TSR community to share your opinions on ‘Meat Free Monday’. Here’s what you had to say.


How inconvenient is giving up meat? 

I much prefer vegetarian food but it's difficult beyond a few times per week.

Going vege is easy, it's dairy products that are difficult to give up.

Most of the meals I cook are as just as easy or easier than meat ones.

The idea being that our convenience outweighs the lives of animals?



Is being a vegetarian healthier? 

I eat meat-free stuff often simply because it is healthier.

I'm just as healthy as my friends who eat meat daily.

In terms of health we should avoid processed meats like sausages, bacon and ham.

We've evolved to eat meat and it would be somewhat difficult to stay healthy without meat.


Beyond Vegetarianism

Would you take one step further? 

‘Vegetarianism is easy, it is giving up dairy that is really difficult.’

What about a dairy-free Tuesday whilst you're at it?



Should we only eat meat as a necessity? 

Don't you think that technological and medical advances have moved us beyond being "carnivores" who need meat to survive? After all, we have plenty of meat alternatives and supplements to get our protein requirements these days.

Just because we can come up with alternatives, it doesn't mean we should resort to using them instead of having meat.



Where are the moral boundaries with eating meat? 

The faults in the meat industry is not the act of eating meat, it's more how the livestock are treated.

If the animals are stunned prior to being killed it's not too bad, but when they aren't and they can feel everything - that's just too cruel for me and I would never encourage it.

I don't really care about hurting animals (I'd like them to roam free and have good lives before they are killed for me to eat) but the more important thing is that for a growing population, eating meat is terribly inefficient.

I think meat eating is unethical, and I don't see a particular reason to treat it differently than other things I think are unethical. If it's stealing, society condemns it. If it's violence, society condemns it. But if it's killing animals, even vegetarians fail to speak up, seemingly for fear of what others might say.



Is it cheaper to go vege? 

Meat is too expensive anyway.

Meat's expensive and I prefer to get a bit of nicer quality meat and have a couple of vegetarian meals.


Is it natural?

What diet is natural for human beings and what does this mean? 

Eating meat is natural and isn't immoral. We shouldn't feel obligated to look for alternatives.

How do you prove something's natural?

Justifying an action because it is 'natural' is an invocation of the naturalistic fallacy.

Whether something is natural or not is irrelevant to whether it is necessary, or whether it should be eaten.

I know supplements and alternatives are available, but they're artificial so meat eating is natural.

If you observe nature, animals prey on others.


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