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Getting into teaching if you have a Psychology degree

Hi everyone!

I've just started 6th form and thinking about career choices...I've considered becoming a teacher and I've also considered becoming a psychologist! So I thought maybe if I did a Bsc Psychology degree that would get me onto a PGCE course...possibly in secondary science. Would I be able to do a PGCE in science with a psychology degree and science A Levels (see sig)?

I'm also looking at doing a Natural Sciences degree but thinking that Psychology might keep more options open. If we assume I could become a teacher with a Psych degree then after uni I could go into teaching or psychology. however, if I went for the NatSci course then obviously becoming a psychologist is not gonna happen!

Can anyone give any advice?

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A lot of people I know have gone into primary teaching with a Psych degree, but becoming a secondary science teacher will be difficult. Most universities say it does not include enough science.
Talk to a careers advisor or possibly call the Teacher Training Agency (now called something else :P).
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I used the connexions online advisor when i wanted to know whether or not I could do teaching with a law degree and they were useless but i found this link and on it somewhere it says something about doing a year course after your degree which would give you sufficent knowledge to go and do the pgce
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But please note that those conversion courses have limited spaces. I know some universities offer science ones.
I suggest you also keep an eye on The TES Staffroom in the Prospective Teachers Forum.

I am in the same boat, I am interested in Education (not just teaching) and Psychology and it seems that if you choose one route, you limit the other one.

You could, of course, also do some more sciences courses with the Open University, even though it would be much work.