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I've got conditional offers to study Biology at UCL (AAA) and Imperial (AAB). However, I've found a new course called Human Sciences at UCL which I'd really like to do.

I contacted UCL asking if they would consider me for a transfer from Biology to Human Sciences, but they said they wouldn't be able to give me an answer til "late August early September". They also said that "if the course is heavily oversubscribed, we won't be able to take any transfer students. Although we do normally take 1 or 2 transfer students in September".

The thing is, I don't want to set UCL as my firm, and then find out I can't transfer to do Human Sciences, and end up being stuck at UCL doing biology. If I had to do Biology, it would be at Imperial.

SO WHAT SHOULD I DO? Set UCL as my firm and pray they have a place for HumSci available? Or set Imperial as my firm and phone up UCL on results day to see if they have any places for HumSci available? Deadine for setting firm and insurance is in two days!

If anyone can see anyway I can get into Human Sciences at UCL without sacrificing my Biology at Imperial, PLZZZZZZZZZ
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Hey, I have offers from Bristol and Sheffield for Bio and UCL for HUMSci, and Have put Humsci as my firm. When I went to the interview at UCL the admissions tutor seemed to suggest that the course was a bit oversubscribed due to the course being popular but the places being few (around 40 I think... but dont quote me on that). In my opinion I think the humsci course seems far more appealing than biology, and offers a lot more choice, especially in years 2 and 3. Both Imperial and UCL are great Unis, so If I was you I would go for UCL, because even if you don't get in for humsci, you still have the Bio to lean back on. In the end it depends on how much more you would rather do Bio at Imperial than at UCL. Hope this helps, and I reckon if you have pretty good grades (which you probably do ) you should be allowed the transfer from Bio.

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