Curiosity is scratching my eyes out(student nightlife+bicycle)

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    Hello there

    So my question many clubs/pubs are worth going to and also is the univ throwing some nice parties where we can meet other students?

    Oh oh and ofc for all you english people out there ,are there any upcoming concerts that i should know about?

    P.S:Not really related to nightlife but how much would a bicycle cost me?Like i want to know the price of a secondhand one....and a new one(the approximation)
    And would it be wise to actually purchase one?

    Hm..i think tht's about it..For now!

    Clicked on this thread to understand the thread title. Still don't understand the thread title

    there's tons of clubs/pubs in hull, for example princes avenue, newland avenue, beverley road (newland ave and beverley are near the student houses too :P ) are full of them...pozition, sugar mill, propaganda, fuel, welly etc are some clubs worth checking out, the possibilities are endless lol :P
    the uni itself has clubs and nights out, for example asylum

    as for bikes, i cant help you although the idea has crossed my mind too haha x

    Just like megvond said, there is MANY bars, clubs and pubs around the university... All within walking distance. There is even more if you venture into the city centre.
    As far as organised events, during freshers week there is lots of them to get you meeting other people.
    You can probably pick a second hand bike up for around £40.

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    As for the bike, I'd have a look at and depending what you want, the delivery might be a bit more pricey though as it's such a big item (unless you can go collect it), plus you'd need to be sure of the size you wanted before you bought it or risk having to send it back. Or just wait and have a look around when you get there, there's bound to be a bike shop somewhere (consult Google as to where!) or check the local ads in the paper or at carboots. They really shouldn't be that expensive at all second hand, a quick look on Ebay has shown plenty from £20-£75. Hope this helps :-)
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    Uuu nice,thanks everyone^^ Very nice responses and i do really want to buy a bike since i very much liked riding one in my hometown I don't say i have anything against buses but i already imagine myself not being able to lead a very healthy life style what with all the junk food i may or may not eat and so a bike would be very much appreciated )
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Updated: June 4, 2012
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