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Stupid law firms not realising that A* at A level only introduced recently

Hmm recently I got feedback from a law firm that rejected me for a TC, on the phone one of the points they mentioned that was although my grades were good, all A* at GCSE, 3 A at A level, oxford undergrad etc there were many stronger candidates with A* at A level and a 1st.
I'm sure this didn't make much difference and was just one small part of the app but still, how annoying

I took A levels in 2007 before the introduction of A* and got over 97 UMS on all of them,
Also when you are adding up your points for UCAS score, people who did a level before intro of A* at a pretty big disadvantage, and nowhere is this taken to account.

do they not care about older applicants?
When you were on the phone did you not point that out?
The law firm probably isn't aware of that. Email them or call and explain the situation and ask if they would still consider you.
Let's not lie, the reasons the law firm gave are probably a pretext for the reality that you were rejected because the application oozed with the same sense self-entitlement that the OP's original post also does.

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