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Hi i am doing my geography exam this year in 3 weeks and really want to get the 7 and 8 marks on 8 markers i was wondering if anyone could mark one of my 8 markers or give me some pointers.

8 Marker : Explain how international aid can encourage sustainable development in poor countries.

International aid such as the the Upesi stove produced by the non government organisation STEP as a bottom up approach to improving a standard of living in poor countries as well as being sustainable. The Upesi stove is produced from clay which can be locally sourced meaning that it does not have to be shipped in from else were this allows it to be sustainable as it is not being transported in means that air pollution such as Co2 is not being produced. Also the Upesi stove can be made by local women as teams of them have been taught to make them. This allows them to support their family and earn a living selling the stoves once they learn they can keep earning which allows them to learn new skills and be able to spend the money on improving their standard of living and pay more tax which means that the government will have more money to develop other services.

The Upesi stove can also encourage sustainable development in poor countries such as Africa as it needs 50 percent less fire wood and produce 60 percent less smoke. This means that less pollution is caused form the villages cooking and using the stove as well as this it also means that women will not need to spend as much time collecting fire woods as it requires 50 percent less. This means that with their free time women can work and earn money to help support the family and improve their standard of living and pay to to educate their children. This has a multiplier effect as the children will gain education and qualification which will allows them to support them selves and get a higher paid job which means that they will pay more money in taxes to the government. This results in the government having more money to spend on development and improving services sic as health care and education. The Upesi stove is improving development sustainable by allowing house holds to earn a higher income whirls reducing pollution.

Thank you

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