My High School: Social Structure.

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Alright so I've decided to create a topic going over the somewhat interesting social structure at my school, and going into various depths.

(Also if you are wondering why I claimed so many posts, it's because of the fact that I'm not sure how much depth I want to get into the structure and the systems at my school)

For the first post I just wanted to go over a few things(which I will expand upon later)
  • My High School lacks a traditional hierarchy is some ways, while there is a social structure that the teachers embrace, it's not very visible and is loosely defined from what I can tell.
  • My High School has a somewhat large push with Athletics
  • A lot of what I'm learning comes from those above me, so it may be false or inaccurate.
  • You need to view the social structure as a web, with clusters of students representing the groups/factions of students.
  • The Student Body seems to be Post-Tribe and is undergoing a period of peace and stability, followed by growth for certain groups and shrinkage for others thus causing factions to emerge but with no intent on fighting.
Also if you are wondering what Post-Tribe means, it's a way of describing what I view as a 'tribal' era, where the student body was in some form of Anarchy with the Factions being somewhat smaller, but also stronger and with a higher willingness to fight. Whether or not Faction is Pre or Post Hierarchy is unknown to me at this time.

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