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Any tips for themes on les 400 coups and how to gain high mark on the essays I'm in yr 12 now
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Original post by osareme
Any tips for themes on les 400 coups and how to gain high mark on the essays I'm in yr 12 now

1.Existentialism in French Cinema:
Explore existential themes in French cinema, drawing on works beyond to showcase a diverse range of perspectives. Discuss how filmmakers depict the human experience and existential crises.

2.Feminism in French Literature:
Analyze the portrayal of women in French literature, comparing and contrasting various works with a focus on gender roles, stereotypes, and evolving feminist perspectives.

3.Impact of French Impressionism on Art:
Delve into the influence of French Impressionism on the art world, examining key artists and their contributions. Discuss how this movement transformed artistic expression and challenged traditional norms.


Thorough Research:colone:nsure a deep understanding of your chosen theme by researching extensively. Include diverse sources to present a well-rounded analysis.

Critical Analysis: Develop a critical analysis of the selected works, exploring themes, symbolism, and the cultural context. Demonstrate your ability to interpret and synthesize information.

Structure and Coherence: Organize your essay logically with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Ensure each paragraph contributes to the overall argument.

Language Proficiency: Showcase your language proficiency by using varied vocabulary, complex sentence structures, and appropriate literary terms. Pay attention to grammar and syntax.

Original Insights: Offer unique perspectives and insights that go beyond the obvious. Engage with the material in a way that demonstrates your independent thought and analytical skills.

Citations and References: Properly cite all sources used and adhere to any specific citation style required. This adds credibility to your essay and avoids plagiarism issues.

4. Post-Colonial Identity in Francophone Literature:
Explore how Francophone literature addresses issues of identity, belonging, and cultural heritage in the context of post-colonialism.

5.Surrealism in French Poetry:
Examine the impact of surrealism on French poetry, discussing prominent poets and analyzing how surrealistic elements enhance the poetic expression.

6.Social Critique in French Satirical Literature: Investigate how French satirical literature serves as a tool for social critique, utilizing humor and irony to comment on societal norms and injustices.

7.Psychological Realism in French Novels: Analyze the use of psychological realism in French novels, delving into character development, narrative techniques, and the portrayal of inner thoughts and emotions.

8.Cultural Clash in French Cinema:
Explore how French filmmakers depict cultural clashes and diversity in their works, examining the narratives and visual language used to convey these themes.
Original post by osareme
Any tips for themes on les 400 coups and how to gain high mark on the essays I'm in yr 12 now
unfortunately im not studying les 400 coups but in terms of high marks on the essays:
each one (book+film) out of 40 overall, with 20 marks for the content etc and 20 for the language - consistently revise grammar and vocab because even if you don't do super well on the content, you can still get a high mark for the language, grammar, structure and overall flow of your essay - basically you want it to sound like genuine French, rather than English sentence structures translated into French

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